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25+ of the Greatest Digital Marketing Tools

25+ of the Greatest Digital Marketing Tools Available to Use without Cost [Bonus Tips]


At this point in time, digital marketing encompasses a wide range of topics. But, at the moment, some of the greatest tools for digital marketing are available, and they have the potential to make your journey into digital marketing more fruitful.



I am aware that the title of this article, which discusses helpful digital marketing tools, was the sole reason you clicked on this Website.



Don't worry; I won't make you angry in the least by using these tools on your blog. I have hope that this will help you think of a better way to make your internet marketing efforts more fruitful.


Listing of Contents


                 ·         What exactly is meant by "digital marketing"?

                 ·         Title Generator

                 ·         Hostinger

                 ·         PickFu

                 ·         Plan for the Storybrand Website

                 ·         Headline Analyzer

                 ·         Keyword Tool

                 ·         Hotjar

                 ·         Rebrandly

                 ·         ConvertKit

                 ·         Mention

                 ·         Loom

                 ·         Inpaint

                 ·         Flaticon

                 ·         Freepik

                 ·         Lordicon

                 ·         Remove.bg

                 ·         Canva

                 ·         Notion

                 ·         Taskade

                 ·         Editor for Ernest Hemingway

                 ·         Grammarly

                 ·         QuillBot

                 ·         The Minion of SEO

                 ·         SEO Meta in 1 Click

                 ·         CloudConvert

                 ·         I Love PDF

                 ·         Words from Me


What exactly is meant by "digital marketing"?


You are undoubtedly familiar with the concept of digital marketing, but allow me to provide a concise explanation in just a few of lines: Digital marketing is a kind of marketing that is conducted entirely online.


Digital marketing may, in essence, act as your company management, client management, and customer management system all rolled into one.


I believe you understand what I am getting at here. Let's get serious about the primary subject at hand, shall we?


Title Generator


With only the press of a button, you can produce approximately seven hundred and more headlines! Could you ever fathom that happening?


Just enter your term into the search bar, then click the "GET HEADLINES" button, and BOOM!



The Title Generator will provide you with more than 700 captivating and attention-grabbing headlines in a matter of seconds.


There is nothing extra that needs to be done on your end.


Just choose one and put it to use as the title of your YouTube video, blog post, or hero section of your website.


In point of fact, you are free to utilize such titles for whatever that you need without incurring any further costs.


People will adore it if you develop headlines that are geared for search engine optimization (SEO) and help you gain more visitors from organic search results.



It is not necessary to engage in creative thinking in order to come up with Headlines, Hero-Section lines, or YouTube Titles. Everything will be taken care of by your Title Generator on your behalf.


Best for:


             ·         Creators of the Content

             ·         Blogger

             ·         Marketers




Hosting offers low-cost and high-quality hosting options, with some of them allowing users to host up to 100 websites for only $2.49 a month.


You can also register your domain at an affordable price and manage your online company by using a platform that is both user-friendly and centralized.



When you have successfully purchased hosting with Hostinger, you are eligible to get a free.com domain for the first year of your account. This offer may be used at any time.


Best for:


            ·         eCommerce

            ·         Blogger

            ·         Website Manager

            ·         Internet Business




PickFu is an intelligent and quick consumer testing management platform that enables users to split-test any product while providing real-time user experience.


It's not as if just them can vote; customers can also provide feedback, and you may A/B test your wares or services.



You have the option of asking them for a product or service that has a unique picture, and after they decide which option they prefer, they may vote in your poll.


In point of fact, it will be of assistance to you in putting quality into action by choosing the ideal product for your requirements. It would be the most useful for gaining insights into eCommerce, gaming, and marketing.


Best For:


              ·         Marketers

              ·         Blogger

              ·         A/B Tester


Storybrand Website Blueprint


The Storybrand Website BluePrint is one of the Greatest Digital Marketing Tools.

Whether you run a startup, a SaaS, a B2B, or a B2C website, or if you organize any website at all, this would be the optimal option for your website.


Just go to the website, and the template will be available for free download there.



After obtaining the PDF template, you will be able to make changes to it using your own details.


Donald Millar, the creator of Storybrand, makes the process of establishing your website quicker and more accessible for no additional cost.


– Improve Your Self-Assurance


– The Proper Storybrand to Tell


- Expand the Scope of Your Company


Best For:


             ·         Developer of websites

             ·         Generation of Leads



Headline Analyzer


Top Digital Marketing Tools - Headline Analyzer

You'll be able to assess the title score of your YouTube videos and blog posts with the help of CoSchedule's No. 1 FREE headline analyzer tool.


It will give comprehensive information according to the headlines.


Word Balance, Character Count, Headline Types, Reading Grade Level, Emotion, Clarity, and Skimmability are some of the factors that are taken into consideration.


SEO Score


CoScheduler will offer you with insights that are both informative and actionable, and it will also supply you with essential SEO data such as;


Keyword Quality, Keyword Density, Average Monthly Search, Search Competition, Keyword Trend, Search Preview, Headline Competition, Keyword Variations, and Similar Queries are some of the metrics that are included in this section.


Best For:


               ·         Creators of content

               ·         YouTubers

               ·         Bloggers

               ·         Influencers


Keyword Tool


 Keyword Tools is the greatest FREE keyword research tool that enables you to study keywords for Google, YouTube, Bing, Amazon, eBay, Apple, and the Play Store, among other online retailers and search engines.


In point of fact, you don't need to spend anything to investigate a huge number of different keywords.


See the number of times each term you need to investigate has been searched for on any given platform.


You are able to do research on any nation or region and pick several languages, including English, on a worldwide scale.


Best For:


             ·         SEO Experts

             ·         Content Writers

             ·         Researchers in the Market




Because of the time I've spent using Hotjar, I can tell you the truth about it. This is another another clever and efficient method of marketing.


It is a heat mapping application that you can incorporate into your website in order to follow the activity of your users in a visual manner.


When you have it integrated into your website, you will have the ability to monitor the origins of your visitors, as well as video visualization, clicking activity, and the amount of time they use it.


You will be able to determine how best to use the actions of your users by using the information provided by the Heatmap function, which shows you which parts of your website are seen the most often.


You may utilize it to go up to the next level in your company, which will help you achieve higher conversion and user retention.


Best For:


              ·         SEO Experts

              ·         Marketers

              ·         eCommerce

              ·         Sales Managers




Rebrandly is now the most popular and widely used free custom link shortener. It gives you the ability to shorten lengthy URLs with just one click, and it also enables you to create a free custom domain to your site.


Rebrandly, in contrast to bitly and cutly, allows you to utilize it for your own company, so you may build the trust of your clients via your own branding.


Just join up for an account, add your own domain with an alias subdomain, and configure DNS settings.


You are able to trace each click that is made on your marketing link, which gives you access to actionable statistics.


Best For:


               ·         Influencers

               ·         Marketers

               ·         Sales Managers

               ·         SEO Experts





The most popular marketing suite that includes solutions for email marketing automation is called ConvertKit, and it can be accessed via a single dashboard.


It includes numerous options for marketers, including as Landing Pages, Email sign-up forms, and integrations, so that you can easily build your audience. These features allow you to grow your audience more quickly.


You will also get additional communication options, such as email marketing, email design, and automation, which will make it easier for you to maintain contact with your consumers.


At long last, you will have access to eCommerce solutions and other features that will allow you to run your company from a centralized control panel.


Best For:


              ·         The Generation of Leads

              ·         Marketing Firms and Consultants

              ·         Email Marketers

              ·         Creators of the Content




Mention is analogous to a storehouse of insights where you will have access to information on your audience, brand, market, and news at your fingertips.


Mention monitor 1B+ sources and send you news, review sites, and more in just your mailbox simply a message.


Better choices may be made for your company if you pay attention to, and evaluate the data provided by, social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook.


Best For:


             ·         Commercially Oriented Brand

             ·         SaaS

             ·         Software Manufacturer




Loom is the most efficient tool for recording both your screen and camera at the same time, making it possible for you to record both at the same time.


You may simply instruct others about your service or goods by creating a brief video with just one click, which you can use as a short product demonstration or presentation.


When you have finished filming, you will have the option to modify your video, add other templates, or even add your own voice. Also, you may let anybody to see the film by just sharing its URL with them.


You may increase your efficiency and make the most of your resources by using Loom to provide your customers with access to short films, lectures, and other educational content such as courses.


Best For:


           ·         Marketing Firms and Consultants

           ·         Freelancers

           ·         Solopreneurs




Using the photographs you've uploaded, the "magic" object removal tool known as "Inpaint" can quickly and easily get rid of any surplus or clutter in your photos.


Just use the "Erase" button after selecting the "Markup Tool" or one of the other lesso tools in Adobe Photoshop, and then BOOM.


It works on Mac, Windows, and the web, and it enables you to effortlessly get rid of undesired stuff at no cost.


Best For:


              ·         Designers of Graphs and Images

              ·         Freelancers

              ·         Editors




Flaticon is another graphics collection portal that provides users with free access to more than 8.6 million vector icons and stickers.


Every picture will be sent to you in PNG, SVG, EPS, and PSD format, and you are free to use any of these forms anywhere you see fit.


You are free to grab whatever photographs you need, no matter how basic, and put them to use in your projects or for your business.


Best For:


            ·         Website Designers

            ·         Designing Agencies

            ·         Freelancers




You may find millions of vectors, illustrations, mockups, templates, stock photos, premium fonts, text effects, and premium backdrops on the website Freepik, which is another platform similar to Flaticon.


Freepik has the potential to be an all-in-one solution for graphic design needs for those working in marketing, sales management, and graphic design.


You will have access to everything under one roof, and you are free to put it to whatever use you choose (credit required).


Just search for your term, and within a minute you will have access to thousands of recommendations.


Best For:


             ·         Designers of Graphs and Images

             ·         Designing Agencies

             ·         Freelancers




You will have access to more than 8,700 animated icons for usage in professional settings when you make use of the Lordicon platform, which is a very wonderful animated icon-providing service.


Through Lordicon, you will get access to 1458 free icons in addition to 7270 premium icons, each of which comes in 6 different designs.


It includes a variable number of icons, which continues to grow on a daily basis. These icons are available for usage in WordPress, by embedding code, or manually, depending on your preference.


Best For:


              ·         Video Creators

              ·         Website Designers




Remove.bg is a background removal application powered by artificial intelligence that makes it possible to eliminate the background of any picture simply by dragging and dropping it.


You just need to submit the image and wait for it to be processed; there is no need to manually choose any item in order to eliminate the background.


You won't have to do anything; everything will be taken care of for you, and within a few seconds, you'll have a transparent PNG picture.


Best For:


              ·         Designers who work using Photoshop

              ·         Designers of Graphs and Images

              ·         Freelancers




Canva is the most well-known and widely used graphic design application that is available online. It gives you the ability to learn all there is to know about graphic design.


You have the ability to create a wide variety of things, including logos, thumbnails, short movies, reels, presentations, and individualized graphics.


Canva will have a community of 100 million users by the year 2022 because to its impressive collection of presets and features.


Within of Canva, you will have access to an almost endless supply of templates, icons, graphics, stock photographs, video clips, and logos, amongst many other things.


Everything that you are able to use for commercial purposes for free, plus you will also get some professional artificial intelligence tools such as background remover, photo enhancer, text to image generator, and more that you are unable to complete.


Canva provides you with comprehensive solutions for your graphic design needs, eliminating the need that you work with a third party to develop your graphical assets.


Best For:


              ·         Designers of Graphs and Images

              ·         Marketing Teams

              ·         Freelancers

              ·         Solopreneurs

              ·         Digital Agencies

              ·         eCommerce

              ·         SaaS

              ·         Software Manufacturer




You can effortlessly manage both your workspace and community with Notion, which is an intelligent and powerful solution for project and task management.


You have the ability to personalize your documents and notes, as well as store to-dos for the following day. It facilitates the management of your project in relation to time and the collaboration of several users from inside a single dashboard.


You can take your productivity to the next level by making use of any one of the more than 30 premium project and workspace management templates that Notion offers.


Using Notion will make taking notes far simpler, and it will provide you with the ideal platform from which to handle all of your projects.


In point of fact, Notion improves the accuracy and efficacy of your workflow, which in turn saves you time and increases the efficiency of your projects.


Best For:


              ·         Agencies

              ·         Freelancers

              ·         Marketers

              ·         Sales Managers

              ·         Project Managers





In the same vein as Notion, Slack, and Monday, Taskade is a platform for managing projects and workspaces; nevertheless, it is a really helpful and convenient application.


You have the ability to build your own workspace, to which you can invite your staff or clients, and everyone will be able to manage and discuss projects concurrently.


To-do lists may be shared with other people, due dates can be assigned to projects, and notifications can be sent to remind you to complete tasks in a timely manner.


Not only that, but in addition to that, with their calling function, you can also create an incredible setting for team meetings with your own unique community.


Best For:


             ·         Managers of the Projects

             ·         Managers of the Workspace

             ·         Client Management



Hemingway Editor


Do you write copy for a living? Do you want to produce content of a high quality that your customers would adore?


You should make advantage of Hemingway to eliminate the possibility of human mistake.


You will be provided with a readability grade for your material by Hemingway, which will show you whether or not your content readability is technically flawless.


It will recommend that you adjust the word ratio of your material, add an additional verb, or make it easier to read. You will get a recommendation to improve the readability of your material based on the AI's findings.


If you are a technically and linguistically sound writer, this tool is the most effective choice for you to use.


Best For:


              ·         Copywriters

              ·         Creators of the Content

              ·         Bloggers




Grammarly is the undisputed champion when it comes to correcting grammatical errors in your work. It will automatically correct any errors and generate phrases that are correct from a grammatical standpoint in a matter of seconds.


Just provide Grammarly your email address and activate the browser extension; from that point on, everything will be completed automatically as you type.


To compose flawless sentences, you may pick the grammatical tone and linguistic variants appropriate for your local location based on the options provided.


One additional intriguing aspect is that Grammarly has a plagiarism function that enables users to verify their writing for copyright violations and identify instances of plagiarism.


In the end, this approach offers you the best of both worlds.


Best For:


            ·         Creators of the Content

            ·         Writers

            ·         Agencies




QuillBot is an artificial intelligence-based paraphrasing tool that, in a matter of seconds, can transform a straightforward statement of yours into a very engaging and appealing sentence.


You may create a phrase or paragraph that is more original and user-friendly by taking use of all of its remarkable capabilities.


It's not only a paraphrasing checker; you can also check grammar and plagiarism with it. This makes it easier for you to produce material that is 100% original and optimized for search engines like Google.


Best For:


             ·         Content Writer

             ·         SEO Experts

             ·         Marketing Firms and Consultants

             ·         Bloggers


SEO Minion


You should be familiar with SEO Minion if you are an SEO professional since it enables you to check the metadata and headlines of any site with only one click.


You are able to examine the variants of Title words, Meta Descriptions, Headlines of pages, and H tags by reviewing the information provided by SEO minion.


It assists you in analyzing the On-Page SEO of a website and allows you to take suggestions in a top-to-bottom fashion.


Your day-to-day SEO duties will be much simpler and more efficient to do with the help of SEO Minion, allowing you to better serve both yourself and your customers.


Best For:


              ·         SEO Experts

              ·         Marketing Firms and Consultants


SEO Meta in 1 Click


This plugin is really incredible, and it is called SEO Meta in 1 Click. It gives you the ability to examine the page's summary, headers, photos, links, as well as social and external resources.


You may access all of the data of a website with just one click, and the information it provides will provide you with insights that can be put to use.


You are able to see both the total number of H tags and the titles of those H tags that are utilized on the page.


You won't have to worry about paying anything to use SEO Meta In 1 Click, and you'll still end up with the very finest solutions for all of your advanced SEO needs.


Best For:


            ·         SEO Experts

            ·         Marketers

            ·         Bloggers





CloudConvert is an online file converter that allows you to convert your photographs from one format to another. You may use CloudConvert to convert your images.


Just upload the file, choose the format you want to use, and then click the "Convert" button. CloudConvert can convert and download your files instantly in a matter of minutes at no additional cost.


But, you may consider purchasing a premium membership if you want a large number of conversions. Nonetheless, beginners should start with the free version.


Best For:


              ·         Freelancers

              ·         Small Business

              ·         eCommerce


 I Love PDF


I Love PDF is an all-in-one full PDF organizer that enables you to make changes, make customizations, sign documents, and do anything else for absolutely no cost.


You have the option of converting files saved in Word, PowerPoint, or JPEG format to PDF or another format supported by PDF.


Using the PDF's built-in security capabilities, which allow you to lock and secure your files with ease, this page allows you to control the PDF's security.


Best For:


            ·         Freelancers

            ·         Agencies

            ·         Business


Words from Me


All of the items or equipment described above are well-known for performing a certain job. You are free to make use of the tools in a manner that is suitable to your working style and requirements.


But, there are a few tools that may be used without cost, but if you want further capabilities, you may have to pay for them.


Your digital marketing will be more effective in a variety of ways, depending on the technology you choose.


Maybe in the past you were unaware of the many instruments that might be of use to you.


It is the subject of discussion in this blog. I would really appreciate it if you could provide any assistance in making use of it.


Note: Some of the links on this website are affiliate links that I have created. It refers to the time when you will make a purchase after clicking on one of my links. I'll receive a modest commission.


Remember: Keep in mind that there will be no additional charges for this commission. This little sum allows me to increase the quality of my service and maintain the website.