Booltool-Appsumo Lifetime Deal Only [$29]-Simplify Your Editing Process
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Booltool-Appsumo Lifetime Deal Only [$29]-Simplify Your Editing Process

Booltool appears to be an all-in-one content creation tool that allows users to edit images and videos using AI-powered features directly from their browser.


Its intuitive interface enables users to remove, replace, or blur image backgrounds automatically or make manual adjustments without the need for technical skills or multiple editing platforms.

 Booltool-Appsumo Lifetime Deal

The tool's AI-powered background removal feature allows users to upload one or multiple photos in bulk and separate the subject from the background automatically.


The tool also provides options to replace the background or generate a new one, along with a manual adjustment feature to remove unwanted objects, flaws, or watermarks.


Check out Booltool.




Best for


                    ·         Content creators

                    ·         Ecommerce

                    ·         Graphic designers


Alternative to


                    ·         Adobe Photoshop

                    ·         Canva




                    ·         GDPR-compliant

                    ·         AI




Booltool is an all-in-one, AI-powered content creation toolkit that lets you edit images and videos right from your browser.


Its intuitive interface makes it easy to perfect your visual content, even if you're not an editing or graphic design expert.


You can remove, replace, or blur image backgrounds automatically, and make manual adjustments too. The tool is GDPR-compliant, ensuring that your data and privacy are protected.


Additionally, it's an alternative to traditional editing tools like Adobe Photoshop or Canva, making it a cost-effective solution for content creators, e-commerce, and graphic designers.




In today's digital age, creating visually appealing content is a must for anyone looking to stand out online.

Whether you're a content creator, ecommerce business owner, or graphic designer, having the right tools to create stunning visuals is crucial.


This is where Booltool comes in.


Portrait Background Remover:


 Booltool's portrait background remover allows you to easily remove the background from any portrait image with just a few clicks.


This feature is perfect for creating professional-looking headshots, removing distracting backgrounds from family photos, and more.


Object Background Remover:


The object background remover feature in Booltool allows you to remove the background from any object in an image.

 Booltool-Appsumo Lifetime Deal

Whether you want to remove a distracting background from a product photo or create a transparent PNG image for use in graphic design, this feature makes it easy to achieve professional-looking results.


Object Eraser:


The object eraser tool in Booltool allows you to remove unwanted objects from an image with ease.


Whether it's a stray person in the background of a landscape photo or an unwanted blemish on a portrait, this tool makes it easy to remove distractions and create a polished final product.


Image Enhancer:


With Booltool's image enhancer, you can easily adjust the brightness, contrast, and saturation of any image.

Booltool-Appsumo Lifetime Deal 

This feature is perfect for improving the overall quality of a photo or creating a specific mood or style.


Photo Filters and Effects:


Booltool's extensive library of photo filters and effects allows you to add unique visual flair to any image.


Whether you're looking for a vintage look, a modern twist, or something in between, there's a filter or effect for every occasion.


Image Resizer:


The image resizer feature in Booltool allows you to adjust the dimensions of any image.


This is perfect for resizing images for use on social media, optimizing images for web pages, or creating prints in specific sizes.


Image Compressor:


With Booltool's image compressor, you can easily reduce the file size of any image without sacrificing quality.

 Booltool-Appsumo Lifetime Deal

This feature is perfect for optimizing images for web use or reducing the size of large image files for easier storage and sharing.


Photo Animation Effects:


With Booltool's photo animation effects, you can easily create eye-catching animated images.


Whether you want to create a simple GIF or a more complex animation, this feature allows you to bring your images to life.


Face Swapper (Coming soon):


Booltool's upcoming face swapper feature will allow you to easily swap faces between different images.

 Booltool-Appsumo Lifetime Deal

 Whether you're looking to create a funny meme or a professional-looking headshot, this feature will make it easy to achieve your desired results.


Background Blur:


With Booltool's background blur feature, you can easily blur the background of any image to create a more professional-looking effect.


This is perfect for creating headshots, product photos, or any other image where you want to draw attention to the subject and blur out distracting elements in the background.


Benefits of Booltool


                    ·         AI-powered background removal tool

                    ·         Object eraser for removing unwanted subjects, flaws, or watermarks

                    ·         Background replacement feature for adding custom backgrounds

                    ·         Blur effect tool for highlighting the subject and blurring the background

                    ·         Automatic foreground detection and separation from the background

                    ·         Ability to remove and replace image backgrounds in bulk

                    ·         AI-generated backgrounds for added creativity and visual appeal

                    ·         Option to manually adjust background removal and replacement

                    ·         Smart edge detection for more accurate background removal and replacement

                    ·         Ability to edit photos and videos in one place

                    ·         Image restoration tool for restoring old or damaged photos

                    ·         Batch processing for editing multiple images at once

                    ·         Automatic image enhancement for adjusting brightness, contrast, and saturation

                    ·         Color correction tools for adjusting white balance and hue

                    ·         Text overlay feature for adding text to images

                    ·         Collage maker for creating photo collages

                    ·         Sticker and emoji library for adding fun elements to images

                    ·         Frame and border options for enhancing images

                    ·         Image flipping and rotating tools

                    ·         Cropping and resizing tools for adjusting image dimensions

                    ·         Alignment and straightening tools for fixing crooked images

                    ·         Clone stamp tool for removing unwanted objects or duplicating parts of an image

                    ·         Selective adjustment tools for editing specific parts of an image

                    ·         Export options for sharing edited images directly to social media platforms

                    ·         Real-time preview feature for seeing changes as they are being made.


Pricing Structure


Booltool is an AI-powered content creation toolkit that lets you edit images and videos right from your browser.


With its intuitive interface and powerful AI capabilities, Booltool makes it easy for anyone to create polished visuals for their brand.


It comes three pricing plan;


Free, Pro and Ultra


Free Plan $0/Monthly


                    ·         3-day trial for all Ultra features, and:

                    ·         Portrait Background Remover

                    ·         Background Blur

                    ·         Photo Filters and Effects

                    ·         Photo Animation Effects

                    ·         Image Resizer

                    ·         Image Compressor

                    ·         Sugar Comments


Pro Plan $9.90/Monthly


                    ·         Everything Free Plan offers, and

                    ·         Unlimited Object Background Remover

                    ·         Unlimited Object Eraser

                    ·         Unlimited Image Enhancer

                    ·         Unlimited AI Writer

                    ·         Unlimited Photo Storytelling

                    ·         10 Batch Processing


Ultra Plan $19.90/Monthly


                    ·         Everything Free Plan offers, and

                    ·         Unlimited Object Background Remover

                    ·         Unlimited Object Eraser

                    ·         Unlimited Image Enhancer

                    ·         Unlimited AI Writer

                    ·         Unlimited Photo Storytelling

                    ·         Unlimited Batch Processor

                    ·         60 min Video Enhancer

                    ·         Priority email support



If you want a free plan, you can use it as a test, but I have a big plan that will save your banks a lot of money.


Booltool Lifetime Deal Plan is included with Appsumo for only $29 instead of $118. It saves you almost 75% of the cost of your current plan.


Booltoo Lifetime Deal Plan From Appsumo


In short, if you want a powerhouse, you should go for it. You can go to Appsumo before going to their full-purpose package on their main site.


 Booltool-Appsumo Lifetime Deal


Appsumo's Lifetime Deal plans only cost $29 for this tool, and you can get your money back within 60 days.


Let's look at the things you'll get with the Appsumo Plan;

·         Lifetime access to Booltool

·         All future Pro (Tier 1) and Ultra (Tier 2) Plan updates

·         If Plan name changes, deal will be mapped to the new Plan name with all accompanying updates

·         No codes, no stacking—just choose the plan that’s right for you

·         You must activate your license within 60 days of purchase

·         Ability to upgrade or downgrade between 2 license tiers

·         GDPR compliant

·         Only for new Booltool users who do not have existing accounts

·         Usage of features is subject to Booltool's Fair Use Policy




Final Vertical


Booltool is a game-changing all-in-one tool that can help content creators, e-commerce businesses, and graphic designers simplify their editing processes.


The AI-powered features allow users to easily remove backgrounds, erase objects, enhance images, apply filters and effects, resize and compress images, add animation effects, and soon, swap faces.


Additionally, the tool's intuitive interface makes it easy to use even for those without any design or editing skills.


Overall, Booltool offers a powerful yet accessible solution for creating stunning visuals right from your browser.


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