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AppSumo Plus subscribers get access to this special edition of Eurekaa, which is not accessible to the general public. A tool for creating courses that is offered for a price that is $40 lower than the public access offer.


You may sign up for AppSumo Plus right now and buy this offer even if you aren't already a member of the service.


Create, verify, and publish instructional material such as a course, book, or how-to video in a record amount of time.


Say hello to Eurekaa!


A one-of-a-kind content planner that helps you maintain momentum from the first concept to the completed outline. -Appsumo Lifetime Deal

You may get a head start on your ideas by looking into the topics that are being taught in popular courses and deciding which ones you want to make sure you cover.




Best for


                ·         Course creators

                ·         Educators

                ·         Online coaches


Overview Eurekaa


You may browse the biggest database of online courses that is compatible with several platforms quickly and easily by entering a subject.


You can search the database by topic, category, specialty, popularity, reviews, enrolment, and expected income.


The Google trend data for a certain subject is included in Eurekaa, along with an algorithm that will rate the opportunity. -Appsumo Lifetime Deal

Use the keyword planner to observe how people are looking for your issue, as well as the competition of certain terms, so that you can evaluate your marketing strategy.


With Book Search, you may access information from the biggest book collection in the world, with results sorted by relevance, popularity, and more than a hundred other data signals.


With a one-of-a-kind content planner that helps you maintain momentum from the point of first concept to the completion of an outline, you may crank out ideas as quickly as you can think of them.


Saved courses will appear directly beside your editor, allowing you to get a head start on your ideas by seeing the topics that are being covered in popular courses and determining whether or not you should include them in your own.


How it works


Research That Requires No Effort


When you add a broad subject phrase, Eurekaa will do the tasks of numerous tools simultaneously, saving you precious time. -Appsumo Lifetime Deal

It will search across eight different online platforms, mining a database that has more than two hundred thousand courses and more than four hundred thousand categories, and it will enable you to filter results by specialty, subject, rating, enrolment, or platform.


Market Trends


Is anyone interested in what you have to say?


The ratio of courses to students, the number of courses that teach it, and the search trend on Google based on a search index during the previous two years are all going to be shown by Eurekaa.


Comparative Search Engine for Courses


Eurekaa is the biggest online course resource that can be searched anywhere in the globe.


In a matter of seconds, you can go to one location to evaluate all of the similar courses in a certain subject that are offered on 10 of the leading online course platforms (both free and paid). -Appsumo Lifetime Deal

After that, you will have the option to filter results by title, specialty, rating/review, enrollment, expected revenue, or platform.


The Process of Opportunity Scoring


Eurekaa will give directional validation (opportunity score) on your subject of interest by using our own unique methodology, which takes enrollment, the amount of available courses in a field, and search patterns into consideration.


While the presence of these elements does not ensure success, they do provide a reasonable indicator of the likelihood that you will be successful.


Lookup in Books


You may investigate the most popular books on your subject using the dedicated area that Eurekaa provides.


With the same amount of time it takes to search the course database, Eurekaa is able to search the biggest online library in the world.


Now look at all the books that are connected to a certain subject. Compare all of the book jackets, titles, subtitles, categories, and chapters, in addition to star ratings (where they are available), all in one convenient location.


Title Rank SEO / Keyword Volume


When you have decided what subject you want to cover, Eurekaa provides a function called Title Rank, which provides scorecards with monthly search traffic and competitiveness ratings for the keyword phrases you have chosen for your title.


You may now put in your potential title or keywords that you wish to include in your title, and then browse through the results of the title keyword searches that Google does, which are sorted according to how relevant they are.


The planner not only reveals what people are entering into Google, but also the number of searches, the level of competition, and the typical cost-per-click.


Organizer and Editor of Content


You have the option of expanding a course description and saving it in your own library. You will also find a content editor here.


You can rapidly build an overview and your course's material after you have the concept. -Appsumo Lifetime Deal

You can also simply drag and arrange the order of the modules / ideas that you have so that it makes more sense to you.


After you are finished, you may save it as a text file or just copy and paste the information into the document of your choice.


In the not too distant future, we will have APIs that will make it possible for you to export the material directly into a specific course platform, which you can then use to distribute your content.


Feature Eurekaa


Six Tools — One Platform is not only the quickest approach to generate course material but also save time.


Comparative and Metasearch Engine for Courses


You may search a database that contains more than 200,000 online courses (and the number is rising) offered by the major learning platforms in the globe.


You may verify the accuracy of your hypotheses by using quick metrics such as title, enrolment, search demand, bestseller, revenue forecasts, and many more.


Trends in the Industry and Scoring


Is anyone interested in what you have to say specifically? Is it a rising or falling trend?


You will be provided with an opportunity score by Eurekaa's one-of-a-kind algorithm, which takes into account data signals from over 400k+ course categories, student supply-demand ratios, and search patterns on Google.


This number indicates the possibility that your course will gain momentum. Isn't it very cool?


AI Educator for Course Design


Our artificial intelligence content generator assists in overcoming cold-start creative obstacles by providing a jumpstart for outlines, introductions, descriptions, content summaries, and chapters, and then outputting them in an organised fashion.


You may tell LAi your subject, the level of your audience and even how long you want it to be, and it will generate intelligent material for you in a matter of milliseconds.


Lookup in Books


You are able to search more than 40 million book titles and chapters, and the book preview feature also enables.


You to search inside many of the books themselves. Save aside fragments of titles and descriptions in case you have any more "eureka!" moments in the future.


Planner for the Library of Content


As soon as you have an idea for what you want to teach, immediately begin outlining and preparing your own course material. -Appsumo Lifetime Deal

Rearrange the order of the concepts in the hierarchy such that it makes the most sense to you. Put any massive open online course (MOOC) or best-selling book in your own personal library.


Planner of Title and Keywords


After you have decided on a subject, Eurekaa will provide you with a keyword ranking tool that provides information on the monthly search traffic as well as the level of competition for one hundred different possible title keyword phrases.


Pricing Plan of Eurekaa


You have stored to ensure that you are not skipping over significant aspects of the subject matter that are covered in other popular courses or books that are selling quite well.


It comes three plan


Monthly Plan $ 19.99/Mo


·         Course Search Engine

·         Book Search Engine

·         Opportunity Scoreboard

·         AI. Lesson Architect

·         Content Planner/Editor

·         Content Library

·         Platform Search

·         Keyword Planner


Yearly Plan $ 8/Mo


                ·         Course Search Engine

                ·         Book Search Engine

                ·         Opportunity Scoreboard

                ·         AI. Lesson Architect

                ·         Content Planner/Editor

                ·         Content Library

                ·         Platform Search

                ·         Keyword Planner


Enterprise Plan $ 58/Mo


                ·         Opportunity Scoreboard

                ·         Content Planner/Editor

                ·         Content Library

                ·         Platform Search unlimited

                ·         Keyword Planner unlimited

                ·         AI. Lesson Architect



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                ·         Lifetime access to - Plus exclusive

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                ·         All future Eurekaa Plan updates

                ·         Please note: This deal is not stackable




Final Verdict


This is exactly what I needed.


Thank you. What an incredible and potent instrument it is for the development of material as well as putting your thoughts together in a manner that is structured and specific.


This opens up a whole world of possibilities for you to explore. I am over the moon with how satisfied I am with my purchase.


Note: Most deals are out of stock within a week of coming to Appsumo. So take it now if you need it.

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