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illow-Appsumo Lifetime Deal Only [ $69]

For a limited time period, only users of AppSumo Plus will have access to the Extended Access portion of this offer.


If you are not already a member of AppSumo Plus, you have the opportunity to sign up for the service right now and get this bargain before Extended Access comes to an end on February 21, 2023 at 2:00 pm CT.


Keeping your company in compliance with the many privacy rules that exist might make you feel as like you are operating according to a very unclear set of guidelines.


The cost of hiring a competent legal expert to guide you through the maze of internet privacy legislation is unfortunately beyond of your financial means.


If only there were a platform that could instantly fix all of your data privacy concerns with a few clicks without requiring any legal or technical skills on your part, that would be ideal.


Make way for illow.


You may personalize a cookie banner that supports several languages, adapts to your company's logo, and integrates without any code into your user interface.


Establish privacy rules, take care of unique data requests, and stay in compliance with any changes to the legislation with the help of automated updates.


Illow Overview


A cookie banner called Illow can make your website compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), and the EU General Data Protection Directive (LGPD) in a matter of minutes.


With illow, you are able to show a branded cookie banner that is also customized for each visitor, taking into account the visitor's location, the language of their browser, and the regulations in their area.


You can be certain that every user has the rights that are unique to their local laws since all data requests are modified to reflect the user's local privacy requirements. This gives you peace of mind.


It is quite easy to make your website comply with all of the data-privacy rules; all you need to do is copy and paste the code, or install the free plugin for WordPress.




Best for


·         Developers

·         Marketers

·         Web design agencies


Alternative to


·         OneTrust

·         Integrations

·         Google Tag Manager

·         HubSpot

·         Shopify

·         Wix

·         WordPress




·       GDPR-compliant


The best part is that illow will keep your cookie and privacy policies up to date automatically whenever there is a change in the legislation.


In addition, you'll have the ability to easily establish new policies, connect current policies, or attach existing policies to your banner, providing you greater control over the process.


You will be spared hours of mind-numbing scrolling and tiresome manual sorting by having illow's library of over 50,000 cookies automatically classify all of your cookies, saving you time and effort.


You'll also have the capability of enabling users to organize, consolidate, and manage their data in nine distinct ways, including the deletion of data, the portability of data, and the submission of a request for all information.


Modify your data request form to include extra questions in order to get feedback from site visitors and to improve the overall user experience.


And since illow maintains every consent in a thorough cookie consent log, you'll always have evidence of compliance for any privacy audit that may come your way.


You have the option, when using illow's Consent Optimization Mode, to determine whether you just want to display consent banners to visitors coming from needed countries or if you want to show them to all visitors with only one click.


In the event that your online company is required to comply with the highest possible privacy standards, you will also have the ability to block any and all cookies and scripts until the user gives their agreement to do so.


In addition, this platform provides a mode for CCPA compliance regulation, which enables you to show a banner that is specific to users in the state of California without the need to activate sophisticated scripts or cookie regulations.


Maintaining compliance with the regulations is as simple as baking cookies from a Betty Crocker cookie mix when you have a dynamic cookie banner on your website. "I have absolutely no clue how this works, but I really like it."


You will get an all-in-one cookie banner and consent management platform when you sign up for illow. This platform will automate privacy operations, allowing you to make your website compliant in a matter of minutes.


Develop your internet credibility.




·         Lifetime access to illow

·         All future Growth Plan updates

·         No codes, no stacking — just choose the plan that’s right for you

·         Ability to upgrade or downgrade between 3 license tiers

·         GDPR compliant




Final Verdict


It's incredible that I finally get to meet you all!


A system that gives businesses the ability to safeguard their websites against hefty penalties and fulfill the many privacy standards imposed by different laws. If you give illow a try, you'll quickly discover how simple and fast the setup process is.


Clients who are clueless about privacy requirements are the target audience for Illow, which makes perfect sense given the nature of the product.


Because of these customers, we have developed a platform that can be used by anybody and that does not call for any prior legal or technological expertise on their part.



You will not only reduce the risk of penalties for your business, but you will also improve your relationship with your customers by being more open and honest.


It has been shown beyond a reasonable doubt that businesses who get their customers' permission before collecting their personal information enjoy an increase in the loyalty of those customers.


In addition to that, don't forget to look at our route map!


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