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Nifty-Appsumo Lofetime Deal Only [$79]

Chat programs, client emails, task management, and file sharing are just a few of the places where you are now doing work.


Ideally, you'd have everything come in one convenient bundle that coordinates with your current processes and doesn't break the bank.


A centralized tool that stores information and people would be great.


Meet Nifty


Maintain awareness of projects, milestones, and other important dates with a user-friendly software platform.

 Nifty-Appsumo Lofetime Deal

Communicate with your team and work together more effectively by utilizing real-time communications that can be quickly converted into tasks.




Best for


                         ·         Marketers

                         ·         Project managers

                         ·         Remote teams


Alternative to


                         ·         Asana

                         ·         ClickUp

                         ·         Jira




                         ·         Google Calendar

                         ·         Google Drive

                         ·         Pabbly Connect

                         ·         Slack

                         ·         Zoom




                         ·         GDPR-compliant

                         ·         CNAME


Nifty Overview


Nifty is a hub for remote collaboration that assists users in centralizing their projects, objectives, and conversations in order to improve overall workflow efficiency.


Nifty was created to keep everyone on the same page (literally), and it does it by allowing you to examine all of your work, from project files to deadlines, in a single, straightforward, and interactive dashboard.

 Nifty-Appsumo Lofetime Deal

You are able to monitor work assignments, activities, and time records for several projects thanks to the intuitive user interface and flexible style.


You and your team will always know precisely where you are with the development of the project if you filter tasks according to their due dates, task assignees, and milestones.


No more speculating about who's responsible for what!


You may also automate the monitoring of your progress depending on the fulfillment of tasks so that you can offer real-time reports and status updates on the project.


You will have access to reports inside the Roadmap that measure progress according to the accomplishment of tasks.


Participate in a group conversation with your team in order to ensure that everyone is on the same page.


You'll be able to keep track of all of your vital information in a one location thanks to Nifty's dashboard.


Maintain awareness of your current standing by monitoring milestones, debates, and tasks, in addition to anything else that may be significant.


You are also able to keep track of the amount of time that you have spent working on a project.


The dashboard is completely modifiable by any individual member of the team.


Adapt it to the way you work, and prioritize the information you get from it, so you can spend less time looking for things.

 Nifty-Appsumo Lofetime Deal

You may personalize the dashboard so that the most critical information is always at the forefront.


Using the kanban board to organize, coordinate, and set priorities for work that is spread across several projects is an effective way to manage your own duties.


The comments that are made on a document or file may be used to generate new tasks and subtasks, which can then be assigned for urgent execution.


Nifty Feature


With the use of real-time messaging, you and your staff as well as your clients may effortlessly cooperate on the sharing of ideas and the gathering of feedback.


You may arrange your conversations by utilizing threads, and you can have one-on-one conversations with a team member by sliding into their direct messages or group chats.




Participation in focused cooperation among project participants is made possible via discussions, which in turn facilitates the production of meaningful decisions.


Participation in focused cooperation among project participants is made possible via discussions, which in turn facilitates the production of meaningful decisions.


Milestones (Gantt Chart)


Your visual project guide, milestones work by automating the progress of the project depending on the accomplishment of tasks.


By using a gantt chart to visualize project milestones, your team will be better able to align around the project objectives and sprints.




Maintain a high degree of organization and detail while managing and prioritizing your projects.

 Nifty-Appsumo Lofetime Deal

Work may be readily prioritized, organized, and collaborated on while also being conveniently managed in terms of feedback and deadlines.




Construct aesthetically pleasing forms and collect the necessary data from inside your projects.


Create aesthetically pleasing forms in order to collect comments, requests, tickets, and more.



Docs & Files


Consolidating your projects' papers and data into a single location can help you maintain an orderly collaboration center.


Collaborate with other members of your team to produce papers, then save those documents alongside your projects.


You have the option of using a Google Doc, Spreadsheet, or Presentation that is synchronized with your Google Drive when you create a Nifty Doc.



Time Tracking


Meaningful timelogs are the key to increased productivity and more informed decision-making.


Members of the team have the ability to keep tabs on their workloads and billable hours by tracking the amount of time spent on each activities.





With the help of Overviews, you may get a comprehensive overview of all of your projects and workloads.

 Nifty-Appsumo Lofetime Deal

With the help of Overview, you may get an overview of all of the projects and deadlines included inside your workspace as well as your portfolios.



Project Home


By adapting the home screen of each project to your workflow, you may reduce the amount of time spent looking through the projects.


To acquire selected insights into the project, you may turn on and off individual project components using the toggle button.


Project Portfolios


With Project Portfolios, your teams can be organized, and your projects may be structured.


Create folders for your projects and assign them to portfolio teams based on operations, account ownership, client delivery, or any combination of these and other criteria.


Pricing Structure of Nifty


You will have the ability to transform every communication into a task for your team, so converting every conversation into an actionable step.


In addition, Nifty's integration with Zoom makes it possible to effortlessly go from a team chat to an audio or video conference.


It comes five plan;


If you want a free plan, you can use it as a test, but I have a big plan that will save your banks a lot of money.


Nifty Lifetime Deal Plan is included with Appsumo for only $79 instead of $1428. It saves you almost 94% of the cost of your current plan.


Nifty Lifetime Deal Plan From Appsumo


In short, if you want a powerhouse, you should go for it. You can go to Appsumo before going to their full-purpose package on their main site. -Appsumo Lifetime Deal


Appsumo's Lifetime Deal plans only cost $79 for this tool, and you can get your money back within 60 days.


Let's look at the things you'll get with the Appsumo Plan;


                         ·         Access to Nifty for the rest of your life

                         ·         Any future Business Plan revisions

                         ·         You have sixty days from the date of purchase to redeem your code(s).

                         ·         Build a stack of up to ten codes.

                         ·         GDPR compliance

                         ·         AppSumo customers who have previously purchased from Nifty may take advantage of this offer.

                         ·         Customers who have used AppSumo in the past and bought Nifty are able to buy extra codes to enhance the feature limitations of their accounts.

                         ·         Customers who have already purchased from AppSumo will have their old feature restrictions preserved for them.




Final Vertical


You are even able to build up if/then scenarios depending on the creation, transfer, or completion of tasks via the use of customized automation.


You will also have the ability to employ custom embeds in order to integrate third-party applications and data into tasks, documents, or even as a project view.


The use of the kanban board makes it simple to maintain a visual record of the many activities, projects, and due dates.


It's time to adopt a better project management solution if the regular status update meetings on Zoom are merely showing how often you wear the same shirt.


You receive an all-in-one platform that facilitates team collaboration, communication, and automation when you sign up with Nifty. As a result, working on your projects will seem much simpler.


Improve the way you manage your projects by many notches.


Get Lifetime Access to Nifty Today


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