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Are you wanting to offer your online courses on a platform that can do so at a cost that won't break the bank and that's really simple to navigate? is a white-label online course platform that removes the need for marketplace middlemen and makes it possible for you to develop and sell your own online courses directly from your own website. is the online course platform on the market that is the simplest to use, and it has built-in email marketing tools such as the ability to send bulk emails (newsletters).


Introduce yourself to


The platform is designed to meet the needs of course developers who have little to no experience in technical matters.


You just need to fill out a short form, and then you will have a stunning sales page for your courses up and running in a matter of minutes without having to pay a designer.


The platform provides you with access to all of the resources that you need to successfully advertise your courses.


An Introduction to


In order for there to be further expansion in the field of online education, it is necessary for instructors to have the ability to swiftly launch their own online course businesses with a minimum of headaches, costs, and prerequisite technical expertise.


Because of this, the goal of my team was to develop an online course production platform that was both reasonably priced and provided an exceptional learning environment for its users, just as I had wished for when I was first getting started.

 OnlineCourseHost.com_Appsumo Lifetime Deal is a white-label online course hosting platform that allows you to quickly build and sell your own online courses (videos, E-books, and other assets) on your own website.


You may use this platform to host your own online courses on


These features include Facebook Advertising, lead creation, integration with email marketing providers, bulk emails, discounts, subscriptions, team plans, bundles, and a great deal more.


You may also set up an infinite number of admin accounts for your team members, so that they can assist you with a variety of duties.


Create and sell your own online courses as soon as you register now at and get started right away!




Best for


                ·         Content creators

                ·         Course creators

                ·         Educators


Alternative to


                ·         Kajabi

                ·         Teachable

                ·         Thinkific




                ·         ConvertKit

                ·         Mailchimp

                ·         PayPal

                ·         Stripe

                ·         Zapier




                ·         GDPR-compliant

                ·         White label

                ·         CNAME


Best For:


                ·         Course Creators,

                ·         Influencers

                ·         Coaches










Why Should You Use


I have firsthand experience with the efficacy of online education, having completed a wide variety of courses covering a variety of topics.


But I was aware from personal experience that the path to becoming an online course creator, while it is theoretically possible, is fraught with challenges that will ultimately prevent many people from beginning their careers as online instructors and lead them to give up on the endeavor at an early stage due to a lack of success.

 OnlineCourseHost.com_Appsumo Lifetime Deal

As someone who has already developed online courses, I had the idea to build a resource on the internet where current and prospective online course developers could go to get all of the information they need to be successful in the process of developing their own courses.


I'm referring to everything from providing them with all of the information and training they need on all of the most important aspects of creating an online course to providing them with a platform where they can self-host their courses for free (initially), with access to all features, and with no fixed recurring charges.

 OnlineCourseHost.com_Appsumo Lifetime Deal

I also wanted to establish a public community that is open to the public, is free to join, and is a place where course designers can go to get answers to any issues they may have about online instruction from either other course creators or from our team.


Because of this, the website came into existence.





You may host your online courses on our white-label online course platform at no cost and with no restrictions on the number of students who can enroll.


With our website builder and course builder, you can create your own website and online courses in just a few minutes without needing any prior experience with design or programming.


Use our robust marketing options to get the word out about your courses. Send out newsletters, cultivate an email list, and perfect your advertising.


Live Example Page: Here is a real sample of what your course's sales page may look like, and it only took a few minutes to create.


No Coding Needed: To make a stunning landing page for your online course, you don't need to have any experience in design or development. Just drag and drop your thumbnail into the appropriate spot, then add some text, and you are good to go.

 OnlineCourseHost.com_Appsumo Lifetime Deal

Choose Your Own Brand & URL: Employ your own brand on the sales page for your course, including colors, photos, and other visual elements, and choose your own URL. You are welcome to use our default URL, or you may create a new one.


Phone & Tablet Ready: Your course's sales page will look wonderful on a mobile phone as well as a tablet, and it has been tailored to increase conversions regardless of the device being used.


Send Bulk Newsletters: You may choose to send a newsletter to all of your students or just a select few of them. For instance, you may restrict the distribution of a special discount to only those students who have not yet bought a certain course.

 OnlineCourseHost.com_Appsumo Lifetime Deal

Built-in Lead Generation: With the help of our built-in lead capture forms, you can collect email addresses on auto-pilot straight on the website of your online course. You have complete access to the emails of your students and may download the list of their addresses at any moment.


Facebook Ads Integration: Installing the Facebook Pixel on your website is simple (no coding is required), and it will help you optimize your ads for making sales and generating leads.


Email Marketing Integration: It is simple to combine with your preferred email marketing service, such as Mailchimp, Mailerlite, or ConvertKit.


Stripe and Paypal: Establish a connection with the payment gateway of your choice (PayPal or Stripe, for example), and immediately begin collecting online credit card payments from students located all over the world.

 OnlineCourseHost.com_Appsumo Lifetime Deal

Get Paid in Your Own Currency: Get payment in your country's native currency, with support for hundreds of other currencies. The following currencies are supported: USD, CAD, EUR, GBP, and INR. Nevertheless, this list is not exhaustive.


Instant Payouts, No Fees: Each money is sent into your Stripe or Paypal account very instantaneously, usually within a few seconds of the student making their purchase. We do not impose any fees, and you will always have full access to your cash and will be able to make withdrawals whenever you choose.


Simplified Payments Setup: You may set up an account with Stripe or Paypal in a matter of seconds by just clicking a button; there is no need for any specialized technological knowledge.


No Design Skills Required: It is not necessary for you to be a designer or to have design abilities in order to construct a great website and landing page for an online course.                                                                                                                                                                              Just provide us with some content and a few photos, and we will design a landing page for your course that is well optimized for you.


Responsive Course Player: With the help of our flexible course player, you can easily create stunning video courses that look great on desktop computers, tablets, and mobile phones.

 OnlineCourseHost.com_Appsumo Lifetime Deal

Digital Downloads & Written Lessons: Provide downloadable content in your courses, such as assignments and other forms of supplemental material (such as PDFs and zip files).                                                                                                                                                          Provide written lessons that are supplementary, complete with text and visuals.


Student Discussions: Your students will have the opportunity to actively participate in conversation with you and with one another directly throughout each session, in addition to searching for solutions, which will make the course more exciting and dynamic.


Pricing Plan of


It comes three Plan;


Free Trial, Basic Plan and Pro Plan


Free Trial $o/Monthly


                ·         Unlimited Students

                ·         Publish Your First Course

                ·         Free Helpdesk Support

                ·         Access to the Creator Academy

                ·         Videos, Quizzes, Assignments, Digital Downloads, Text Lessons, Audio

                ·         Instant Access to your Payments: Stripe or Paypal

                ·         Free Web Address


Basic Plan $15/Monthly


                ·         Unlimited Courses

                ·         2 Admin Accounts

                ·         Private & Hidden Courses

                ·         Course Discount Coupons

                ·         Student Discussions

                ·         Facebook Ads Integration

                ·         Email Marketing & Lead Generation

                ·         Customizable Home Page

                ·         Custom Branding

                ·         Third-party Tools


Pro Plan $ 31/Monthly


                ·         Bulk Emails (Newsletters)

                ·         Zapier Integration

                ·         Custom Web Address

                ·         Completion Certificates

                ·         Unlimited Admin Accounts

                ·         Priority Helpdesk Support

                ·         Course Bundles

                ·         Subscriptions

                ·         Subscription Coupons

                ·         Enterprise Plans

                ·         Lifetime Plan


If you need a free plan, then contact them or get a free 14 days trial without a credit card.


Even here is an amazing thing you are expecting: Appsumo Lifetime Deal Plan. It is only $99.00.




                ·         Lifetime access to

                ·         You must redeem your code(s) within 60 days of purchase

                ·         All future updates

                ·         Please note: This deal is not stackable




Final Verdict


Our system is able to accommodate a wide variety of course development business models in their various forms.


You may sell your courses individually with or without discount coupons, you can include them in a subscription, and you can even drive higher-ticket sales with Bundles, Enterprise plans or a Lifetime plan. All of these options are available to you.


Note: Most deals are out of stock within a week of coming to Appsumo. So take it now if you need it.

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