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Oode-Appsumo Lifetime Deal Only [$49]

Oode Lifetime Deal Plan From Appsumo


Imagine that you own a business that provides consulting services and that you have a lot of clients in this area.So how exactly can you communicate with them?


Should you wait for them to send you an appointment, and then manually approve it? That is incorrect; that is not a simple procedure.

 Oode-Appsumo Lifetime Deal

When it comes to setting up appointments with clients and customers, online solutions may be the best way to make sure they happen on time without having to enter the information by hand.


You may be familiar with Calendly, Squarespace, or other tools of a similar kind; the following is another tool of a similar nature that is a relatively recent entrant into this market;


I’m talking about Oode.


Oode is not just a platform for managing appointments; it also allows you to manage your whole company from the convenience of a single dashboard.


Oode has a straightforward configuration process, but once you start using it, you'll be able to control all of your marketing preferences from inside a single dashboard.


Oode gives you access to a number of helpful tools that make it easier to run an online business;


Oode Features


Everything from online booking to the collection of online payments is something you can do with Oode. Not only that, but you can also make the process of managing your company simpler to handle with Oode.


Let's go right into the most important aspects;




One of the most interesting and useful things about Oode is that it can provide high-quality solutions for all aspects of customer service.


You can use this space as a website and add whatever information you want to make it more interesting for people who come here.


Storefront is the name for your own website, which has a unique address you can give to your customers and share on other platforms and campaigns.

 Oode-Appsumo Lifetime Deal

Consumers are able to simply learn about you and are also able to easily have an effect on you. You have the ability to add your own unique material to your storefront, which will make it more appealing to customers;


Now, let's check out the content area to see what kinds of items you may add to your shop, and then we'll go on to the next step.




Oode offers white-label customization options, allowing you to personalize the appearance of your shop. These include the ability to add your company's logo, title, and unique URL, as well as banners and favicons.


It gives you the ability to add descriptions to introduce yourself, which has an effect on the number of customers you keep.


It is important to note that you have the ability to add your entire "about" section as you present yourself in order.

You have the freedom to choose when your availability window starts and ends, which is when customers can make appointments or bookings for your service.


Include the commonly asked questions that people have about you and the business or product you provide.


That makes it easier for your consumers to get an in-depth understanding of your service without questioning you.

 Oode-Appsumo Lifetime Deal

Provide your clients with information that makes it simple for them to get in touch with you through your various contact methods; You will get a chat bubble that allows you to chat with a simple click.


You may also include an option for a "free consultation" to draw their attention. You can determine how long the consultation will last by using Google Meet and Zoom.


At the last step, you may add connections to your various social network accounts.




Oode gives you the ability to customize everything and anything about your storefront, including the color palette, layouts, fonts, and styles used.


Even down to the level of changing the color of a single section, such as the header, background, or border radius, you have complete control over the appearance of your storefront. You may even modify the footer.




Put your social proof on display in your shop; it is always crucial to illustrate how many happy customers use your service and how delighted they are with it.


It is quite important to a new buyer to have an understanding of the quality of your service as well as the customer satisfaction rate.




Your Oode shop will be optimized for search engine optimization (SEO) for the Google search engine, which, interestingly enough, helps your business management with organic buyers.


When you use relevant search, you will automatically show up in the search results pages and get organic traffic as a result.

 Oode-Appsumo Lifetime Deal

You can also make your storefront more unique and useful by adding code written in either HTML or CSS.


Depending on where your audience is from, you can add many languages in a lighthearted way, and offering it in more than one language can make it more useful.


Live Chat


Oode gives people the ability to talk with you in real time with built-in live chat options, and they don't even need to sign up for any platform to do so.


Even they are able to get in contact with you with only one click, and you are able to respond in a smooth manner directly from your Oode dashboard.


It is important to note that you will not be required to pay any additional expenses in order to use this chatbot, which will make your interaction simpler than it has ever been.


This option, which allows my customers to communicate with me in an easy and stress-free manner without signing in with Google or Facebook, is one that I personally like.


But, if you want a deeper relationship with your audience, you might ask for their email address or cell phone number so that you may stay in contact with them more easily.


Mail Marketing


You should not ignore this feature since it makes managing your email marketing more straightforward than it has ever been. The most important marketing feature that you will receive with Oode is that there is no need for you to spend any more money.


With Oode, you can get your email marketing campaign up and running. Just follow their instructions after clicking the "Create Campaign" button without adjusting any of the technical parameters.


You should be able to easily finish your test campaign within the next five minutes.


If you wish to send the same email to a number of different clients or customers, this is the tool that will be of the greatest use to you.


In addition to this, Oode enables you to see the whole booking history, and it notifies you if any service or appointment is booked by another user.




The fact that you can take money immediately via Stripe, which creates an experience that is uninterrupted, is a really appealing feature.


You can connect to Google Meet and Zoom to join online meetings with your customers or clients.


You will be able to handle the automation of your appointment process and save a significant amount of time by linking Zapier.

 Oode-Appsumo Lifetime Deal

In order to get notifications about upcoming meetings, you may combine your Microsoft Calendar and Google Calendar.


Last but not least, you can add a custom domain to your online presence to show customers who you are.


To put it simply, it makes the administration of your internet company easier to access. Let's have a look at the different payment options;


Oode Pricing Plans


It's pretty straightforward in terms of their price, but I believe that if they made it possible to collect payments with the free plan, it would be the optimal choice here.


Have you looked at their pricing schemes in the past? Alright, let's take a look;


Free Plan: $0/monthly


  • Online booking and scheduling
  • Unlimited Booking
  • Live Chat
  • Reviews
  • Video chat with Zoom
  • Google and Microsoft Calendars Sync


Pro Plan: $49/monthly


  • Everything in the Free Plan Features
  • Unlimited Service
  • Payment Collection via Stripe, Square, and SumUp
  • Email Marketing
  • Sales Dashboard
  • Analytics
  • Custom Domain
  • And More


You could check out the Oode Lifetime Offer that is now being offered by Appsumo if you are searching for a clever option.


You may buy the Oode Lifetime Deal plan from their official website for $49 per month, but for a limited time only, Appsumo is offering it for only $49.


Let me explain more;


Oode Lifetime Deal Plan from Appsumo: 90% off


Oode Lifetime Deal Plan From Appsumo


After reviewing the many price options that Oode offers, you may find that their $49 per month pricing plan is not appealing to you.


But, Appsumo has hit the nail on the head with the Lifetime Deal plan that does not require any commitment.


Here are the features of Oode Appsumo Deals;


  • Lifetime Access to Oode Pro Plan Features
  • 1 sub-account
  • Unlimited Booking and Services
  • Custom Domains
  • White Labeling


Get Lifetime Access to Oode Today                   

Final Line


When you use Oode, it will seem like you are working in a workspace that gives you the ability to manage your customers, reservations, and services, as well as make changes, take payments, and do much more in a complete package.


Even if you sign up for the Oode Lifetime Deal plan, you still won't have to worry about paying monthly membership fees for the rest of your life.


if you can offer your services all over the world and remove all communication barriers. Let's have some fun with Oode while also bringing attention to your service.


Note: Most deals are out of stock within a week of coming to Appsumo. So take it now if you need it.


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