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RabbitLoader-Appsumo Lifetime Deal Only [$59]

You may have believed that by putting a large number of various plugins onto your website, the load speed would be improved; however, this is really making it even worse.


But, in order to keep a user experience that is optimized for Google, you will need plugins that can compress information, load pictures asynchronously, and cache everything.


Imagine for a moment if there existed a single plugin that could take the place of all the others, allowing your WordPress site to load more quickly and get a better ranking in the search engine results pages.


Check out RabbitLoader


You may reduce the amount of time it takes for your websites to load by using the dashboard of your WordPress installation to check performance indicators.

 RabbitLoader-Appsumo Lifetime Deal

To optimise the user experience of your website and your ranking in search engine results pages, give priority to material that appears above the fold and cache your assets using a content delivery network (CDN).




Best for


                     ·         Bloggers

                     ·         Developers

                     ·         Ecommerce


Alternative to


                     ·         NitroPack

                     ·         WP Rocket

                     ·         Integrations

                     ·         WooCommerce

                     ·         WordPress


Overview RabbitLoader


The WordPress plugin known as RabbitLoader speeds up the loading of websites by leveraging techniques such as content minification, lazy loading, and CDN caching.


You’re PageSpeed Insights score may be improved with the aid of RabbitLoader, and it does not need any coding skills or other advanced technical knowledge on your part.


You may enhance both the user experience and your Core Web Vitals score on Google by optimising the load speeds of your websites and assets.


After installing RabbitLoader, you will begin to witness results within a few hours and have the ability to monitor the scores and data of your website directly from the dashboard of WordPress.

 RabbitLoader-Appsumo Lifetime Deal

You will be able to get a PageSpeed score of 100 on each and every one of your website's pages with the assistance of the plugin.


You may check both your Core Web Vitals and PageSpeed scores immediately from the dashboard of your WordPress site.


By using the content compression method that RabbitLoader provides, you are able to speed up the display of pages, hence reducing bounce rates on both desktop and mobile devices.


Feature RabbitLoader


You may even minify HTML and JavaScript to minimise the amount of time it takes for the server to respond and the number of requests it receives.


In addition, RabbitLoader will automatically identify any modifications made to the content of your website, ensuring that users are presented with the most up-to-date version in a timely manner.


In order to cut down on loading times, give priority to the CSS that is absolutely necessary and employ lazy loading for material that is below the fold.

 RabbitLoader-Appsumo Lifetime Deal

You may reduce the amount of time it takes for your website to load by minimising the effect of sluggish plugins that are currently active on your site.


Any Network


Even on poor 3G and 4G connections, our intelligent resource loading mechanism prioritizes the assets to ensure the quickest page display possible.


Any Part of the World


We ensure the lowest possible latency no matter where in the globe your visitors are located thanks to our integrated content delivery network (CDN), which has more than 300 points of presence all over the world.


Any Equipment


No matter whether it's a high-powered desktop computer or a low-end hand-held device, our fine-tuned algorithm renders your lovely website in an effective manner on any CPU and RAM configuration.


Any Technology


We deliver materials differently depending on the web browser that the visitor is using.

 RabbitLoader-Appsumo Lifetime Deal

On up-to-date browsers, users will see photos in the next-generation format; on older, incompatible browsers, the images will display in the best available format.


Our Primary Emphasis


Our primary concern is the expansion of your company.


We make sure that your website is loaded in the quickest possible manner, regardless of the visitor's network, device, location, or any other considerations, so that we can start interacting with them as soon as feasible.


Core Web Vitals


Google's Web Vitals is an end eavour that aims to give uniform guidelines for quality signals that are vital to creating a great user experience on the web. This was accomplished by launching the Web Vitals project.


We can assist you optimize your FCP, FID, and CLS timings, which will ultimately lead to an increase in the quality of your website and improved rankings.


The Very First Satisfied Painting


The first content point, or FCP, refers to the moment at which any portion of the page's content, most often text or images, is displayed on the screen and the viewer may see anything.


We provide improvements to FCP by eliminating render-blocking CSS and JavaScript, reducing the amount of time it takes for the server to respond, and maintaining a low request count by postponing the display of the payload off screen.


Initial Delay on the Input


The FID is able to monitor the amount of time that passes before the browser is able to begin processing the interaction that the user has conducted on the page.


It is recommended that a decent page have a FID of fewer than 100 milliseconds.

 RabbitLoader-Appsumo Lifetime Deal

It is possible for RabbitLoader to assist in lowering the FID time by lowering the amount of work performed on the main thread.


This makes it possible for the browser to react to user inputs generally within 50 milliseconds.



Biggest Contentful Paint


When the page loading process began, the LCP refers to the amount of time it took for the browser to show the biggest visible element above the fold.


We make certain that the necessary LCP elements and styles are loaded as quickly as possible, and we postpone the loading of any render-blocking JavaScript or CSS, which enables the LCP to render in an average of 2.5 seconds.


Shift in the Cumulative Layout


The CLS value provides an indication of how stable the visible items on the page are. It is possible for the experience of users to be adversely impacted when a visible piece shifts location.


Although this heavily depends on how the website developer is injecting dynamic content or advertisements via JavaScript,


We make an effort to reserve the necessary space for components that will be loaded in later stages of a page's timeline in order to boost the level of satisfaction that a page provides to its visitors.


Why Choose RabbitLoader?


We assist website owners in becoming number one on Google by achieving the highest possible PageSpeed Score.


Our complex page optimization method makes the most of the characteristics of contemporary browsers in a manner that is resilient and multi-dimensional to improve Core Web Vitals metrices and the total PageSpeed Insight score.


This is made possible by the fact that the technique requires no setup.


Score of 100 out of 100 for Page Speed


Our optimization strategies have the potential to increase your Page Speed score all the way up to 100 and maintain a record for each canonical URL.


It loads in a matter of milliseconds.


We increase your Core Web Vitals (CWV) score by optimizing the loading of your page and assets, which is a ranking indicator that is regarded to be quite powerful.


Premium CDN with more than 300 different locations


Up to 70 percent of requests may be fulfilled by an integrated premium CDN that has 300 or more points of presence, which makes it possible to load images, JavaScript, and CSS elements five times quicker.


Even if the origin is down, service will continue.


When your origin cannot be reached, we will continue to provide material that has been cached. This eliminates the possibility of having a poor reputation among search engines and website visitors.


Pricing Structure of RabbitLoader


Convert photos in an automated fashion to more space-efficient Web Page formats in order to speed up download times without compromising image quality.


You may also save the assets of your website in a cache provided by a content delivery network (CDN), and then send the material to site visitors in a matter of milliseconds.


The best part is that website users won't even notice if your origin server goes down since this plugin maintains several copies of each of your web pages.


Converting photos to the Web Page format, which is smaller, can help load web pages more quickly.


 RabbitLoader-Appsumo Lifetime Deal


Let's start with a free plan, free forever.


If you want to get free plan, then go for it with testing purpose, but I have a big plan for you that saves your banks dramatically.


Appsumo comes with RabbitLoader Lifetime Deal Plan only for $59 instead of $900. It helps you to save almost 93% of current plan


RabbitLoader Lifetime Deal Plan from Appsumo


In short, if you want to get, then you should go for it; before going to full purpose package from their original site, you can go to Appsumo.

Eurekaa.io -Appsumo Lifetime Deal 

Appsumo bring this tool with Lifetime Deal plans only for $59.00 with 60 days refund policy.


Let’s check out the features that you will get from Appsumo Plan;


                     ·         Lifelong access to RabbitLoader

                     ·         Any future Hopper Plan changes

                     ·         There are no codes to enter, and stacking is not an option; just choose the plan that best suits your needs.

                     ·         You have sixty days after making your purchase to activate your licence.

                     ·         Possibility to upgrade or downgrade between 4 licence levels

                     ·         Available for usage by first-time customers of RabbitLoader as well as previous AppSumo buyers

                     ·         Customers who have previously bought RabbitLoader from AppSumo have the option to update their licence to enhance the feature restrictions of their account.

                     ·         There is only room for one Activation per WordPress URL. By the usage of the 'Delegate Access' function, you are able to delegate user permissions.





Final Vertical


In addition to these benefits, using RabbitLoader may assist enhance critical performance indicators and the overall user experience of your website.


Use lazy loading for any material that is rendering slowly and give top priority to the CSS that is above the fold for each page.


You can improve your user experience (UX) with just one click by integrating the RabbitLoader plugin with the WooCommerce platform, regardless of whether you operate a blog or an online store.


In addition, RabbitLoader may function with hosting that is either shared, dedicated, or virtual private server. Your website will load lightning-fast regardless of the specifics of its hosting environment.


With the performance dashboard, you are able to keep a check on your WordPress or WooCommerce website.


Your website ought to give the impression that it is travelling at the speed of light, but instead it seems to be going in slow motion.


You’re WordPress or WooCommerce website will load in a flash when you use RabbitLoader since it takes care of all the technical details from beginning to end.


Get lifetime access to RabbitLoader today!


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