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WebSite Auditor-Lifetime Deal [$49]

When you're working to move up the search results page, you can get the impression that you're simply arbitrarily trying to appease the Google gods.


Sadly, you do not have the time to learn how to evaluate and optimize your website all by yourself, and the cost of hiring someone else to perform the task is well above what you can afford.


If only there were an auditing tool that could make both on-page SEO and technical SEO optimization as simple as possible.


Meet WebSite Auditor


You will get detailed guidance on how to optimize the on-page SEO of your website, as well as the content of your top-ranking rivals' websites.


Do an analysis of your website to identify and resolve any technical problems that may be harming your ranking, visibility, or conversions.


Website Auditor Overview


WebSite Auditor is a website auditing application that helps you rank better in search engines by optimizing both the on-page and technical SEO of your website.



Do a performance analysis on your website to identify any problems that may be hurting the search engine ranking, indexing, or user experience.


Just input the URL of your website to carry out an audit that examines each page, looking at everything from the text to the code to the pictures.


WebSite Auditor will identify every technical problem that is dragging down your SEO performance, whether it be a broken link, poor usability on mobile devices, or duplicate content.




Best for

         Marketing agencies


 Alternative to





        Google Adwords
        Google Analytics
        Google Keyword Planner
        Google Search Console



 Why WebSite Auditor?


Auditing of individual web pages, reference materials for technical SEO, and a reporting tool—all in one app?


It is not a figment of your imagination; rather, it is the program known as WebSite Auditor, which is a collection of site assessment tools for webmasters, SEO companies, and company owners.


You may get the SEO audit tool for free and then run it, examine your website, and address any problems it finds so that you can get more people to visit your site online and provide a better service to your clients.


The SEO spider crawling sites like search engines do


WebSite Auditor crawls through your whole website in a methodical manner, much like the bots that search engines do, in order to locate and evaluate each resource, whether it be internal or external: URL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Flash, photos, videos, and more.


In addition, the SEO audit tool enables you to do a site crawl study in the same manner as Google, Bing, or Yahoo by following the instructions provided in robots.txt for each bot.


You are able to see and examine the pages of your website for technical SEO issues in the same manner that search engines do.     


Powerful Site Audit and SEO Reports on Core Web Vitals metrics


In preparation for the Google Page Experience Update, we have included a robust Core Web Vitals module to WebSite Auditor. This new module will help you solve SEO problems that are harming your site's speed and performance as a whole.


After adding the Page Speed API key and running the site audit, determine the number of pages that did not successfully complete the Core Web Vitals evaluation.


The study of the websites reveals how many of them have a low Performance Score and how many of them have a variety of page performance problems that need to be fixed.


In a workspace that is simple to use, we have provided you with a comprehensive overview of all technical SEO difficulties as well as in-depth data from Page Speed Insights.


Thorough technical website audit of crawlability issues


WebSite Auditor will do an SEO assessment on your website and rapidly discover any issues that may be affecting search engine indexation, rankings, or the user experience.


The auditing tool searches for crawlability issues such as broken links and pictures, duplicate content, crawling mistakes, poor mobile usability, site performance, redirect chains, internal linking difficulties, heavy pages and scripts, W3C validation errors, thin content, and a variety of other flaws.


The most exciting part? You should go over the list of SEO issues that you discovered during the site audit. For each error, you will receive a list of pages that it impacts as well as instructions on how to correct it in a straightforward manner.


Robots.txt and Sitemap generator


Get the tools necessary to develop tech SEO files, and train the Google SEO crawler how to scan and index your website's pages.


With only the press of a button, you can quickly build an XML sitemap or a robots.txt file without having to worry about the complicated syntax of the files.


Have you already put up a sitemap and instructions for the robots?


You may go through the files, make any necessary changes to them right there in the app, and then immediately upload the updated versions of the files to your website via FTP.


For foreign search engine optimization, it is important to disallow sites, restrict the frequency of crawls, and handle hreflang tags.


After adding the files, you should re-execute a site audit at a later time to ensure that all of your essential pages can be located without difficulty using a search engine.



Intelligent on-page SEO audit


Using our no-cost audit program to evaluate the state of the search engine optimization (SEO) of any website and any keyword. 


This evaluation is based on the websites of your top-ranking rivals as well as your own on-page statistics.


Our SEO audit tool provides keyword- and URL-specific optimization suggestions, and it also reverse-engineers the techniques of your rivals to determine precisely what it is that helps them rank so highly.


Your landing pages will be completely optimized for organic search if an extensive SEO analysis is performed on them. 


This study should look at everything from meta tags and CSS problems to loading speed and internal linking.


Site structure visualizations


Pages' crawlability and discoverability are improved when the appropriate approach for internal linking is used.


Make your customers more impressed with unique graphic reports by using our internal link checker to visualize your site's structure, which will immediately reveal any issues that may exist in the site's architecture.


With the free SEO audit tool, you can get a categorized overview of each page's internal link juice, determine their value based on the number of visitors, and design new pages and links.


Notice a problem? Correct the issue directly inside the application, and then provide your engineers a checklist of the modifications you've made.


In-app content optimization


The free SEO software for websites does more than just analyze the content of your website.


It provides you with step-by-step SEO recommendations as you write, allowing you to optimize pages directly inside the application using either a user-friendly WYSIWYG interface or HTML.


You may write and change the title and meta description tags for your sites in a different tab, and just below that, you can see what your Google snippet will look like.


Done optimizing? With just one click, the search engine optimization (SEO)-optimized HTML will be saved to your hard drive, where it will wait for you to post it.


The TF-IDF analysis is included in this free SEO audit tool


Your website's subject relevance and authority may both be improved with the assistance of the in-built TF-IDF SEO tool, as can the process of optimizing for better semantic search results.


The SEO analyzer unearths a great number of phrases that are pertinent to the issue at hand and provides guidance on how keywords should be used by analyzing the content of high-ranking competitors' websites.


You can also use the tool to evaluate how effectively your website is optimized for target keywords and to determine whether or not there are any SEO problems in the material that you have created.


Custom automated SEO reports on website analysis


Our collection of site audit tools would not be complete without WebSite Auditor's SEO reports, which are intended to look fantastic across all devices, can be white-labeled, and can be customized to meet a user's specific needs.


The findings of an SEO audit may be readily shared with customers by agencies by uploading reports to the cloud and obtaining a URL that can be shared. Alternatively, agencies can automate the reporting process by setting up a scheduled activity.


White label reports may be generated by WebSite Auditor on autopilot, and customers can get them according to your timetable, either as a direct link or an attachment, in a plain text or custom HTML email.


You will be able to monitor the progress that your website has made in terms of SEO and get notifications if there are any problems that need to be addressed immediately.


You may try out all of the features of the Enterprise edition, including the ability to download and share SEO reports, by using the free trial of the website analyzer.


WebSite Auditor Pricing Plan


You can get the impression that you need it because of all of its incredible features and the data-providing algorithm it uses. You couldn't ignore it.


It comes with two pricing plans;


      WebSite Auditor Professional Plan $125/Yearly


      WebSite Auditor Enterprise plan $ 299/Yearly


Get a paid WebSite Auditor license to:

                ·         Run technical SEO audit for your entire website.

                ·         Optimize content of all of your landing pages.

                ·         Manage your site's robots.txt and XML sitemap files.

                ·         Save and load your optimization projects.

                ·         Schedule automatic site audits.

                ·         Create professional rankings reports for clients.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Here's what you get together with your license:                                                                    

                          ·     Free feature updates. 

                          ·     Exclusive access to our User Perks program. 

                          ·    Unlimited access to our training materials base 


 If you need a Enterprise plan, then contact them or get a free trial without a credit card.


Even here is an amazing thing you are expecting: Appsumo Lifetime Deal Plan. It is only $49.00.


Let’s explore more;


WebSite Auditor Lifetime Deal Plan From Appsumo


You can also change websites inside the app so that you can put this platform's straightforward, step-by-step SEO recommendations into action more quickly.



               ·         Lifetime access to WebSite Auditor

               ·         All future Enterprise Plan updates

               ·         You must redeem your code(s) within 60 days of purchase

               ·         Please note: this deal is not stackable

               ·         Java 8 or later is required to successfully install WebSite Auditor




Final Verdict


I mentioned. First, WebSite Auditor is an alternative to Ahref, SEMrush, and other similar tools, but it’s not complete.


Website Auditor is a strong on-page and technical SEO tool that may assist website owners and SEO specialists find and repair technical problems that are hurting their website's rankings, indexing, and user experience.


Website Auditor lets you examine your websites' SEO health, optimize keywords and URLs, and update pages in-app for quicker implementation.


Visualize your site structure, uncover internal connecting difficulties, and monitor your progress with personalized graphic reports.


Website Auditor is a great tool for SEO and internet exposure.



 Note: Most deals are out of stock within a week of coming to Appsumo. So take it now if you need it.                                                           

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